things that inspire me to blog…

teaching outdoor

teaching outdoor (curricular)

Things that inspire me to blog…
I have been thinking for days now, but still, I can’t find a better answer than “my students”. You see, I love being with my students. Laughing, trying new things, and doing some adventures together. It’s always fun. Unfortunately, I am teaching in a vocational school and my students have to spend 3 months doing an on the job training. So, by blogging, I am hoping to stay in contact (giving them some theories and assignments) with them 🙂

At the moment, I teach photography (basic), videography (basic), and computer skills (office softwares, mainly). Other than those curricular activities, I am also involved in some extra-curricular activities. In this extra-curricular program, we (my students and I) learn together about managing a mini studio. We’re producing some contents for school television and documenting school activities/events.

As extra-curricular, naturally we’re not always learning in the classroom. I prefer to do that learning process outdoor, and practical. And my students too. So, we go hiking, camping on the beach and taking walk around the city. Lucky, our city is not a big one 😀

mejeng bareng

together with my students (extra curricular)

Those students of mine always be my inspirations. When I am feeling down, they always made me smile. And when one of them hurts or has a problem, it gives me stress (there was once this student of mine who had a leukemia and needs special attention).

So, that’s my story. I am blogging because of my students… Thanks for reading and sorry for the English. It’s not my mother language and I don’t use it daily.


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