Scene from Memory – Situbondo train station

old n rusty

old n rusty

It was Sunday, time for our extra-curricular group activities. The topic was Old Things. So, I took my students to an abandoned train station in Sumberkolak, Situbondo. There, we took some photos and I explain some theories about architectural photography.

No, I won’t write about architecture photography techniques. This post is about the station itself…

It is an old station that was built by the Dutch, and was part of the Panarukan-Jember line. This station was abandoned in 2003 (or 2004?) because it was not profitable to run that line any longer. So, it was shut down.

Situbondo +30 dpl

Situbondo +30 dpl

Now, almost 10 years have passed, and the station is still in there. It looks very old and sad. I was flooded by memories as I step into the station area. Every year, when it was operational, I boarded a train from this station to visit my Grandmother in Kalibaru, Banyuwangi. And at the end of the holidays, my father would have waited for us (me and my brother) right on the spot shown in the first photo, under the signboard.

rusty railroad

rusty railroad

There are no more trains come to this station nor the next one in line, the Panarukan station. There are only the rusty things left. And that makes me sad. Many memories I have about this line. There was one time when I put my hand out of the window when suddenly it was closed on my hand and stuck (my father couldn’t reopen that window). I was in elementary school that time, so I cried loudly and make the whole car panic 😀 . Well, It was hurt like hell.. My suffering ends when the train master stop the train in a small station in the middle of nowhere to try and free my hand. It was a crowd around my family’s seat and I never reach out of a vehicle window (any vehicle) ever since 😀

track controller

track controller

People said that there are plans to re-operate this line. I have heard that plans from 2008, but I am still hoping that it will become true 😀


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